Sunday 26 November 2006

UPDATE: Another Thomas movie in the works, this one with real actress in Caitlin role

Forget Lindsay Lohan, another film about Dylan and Caitlin Thomas is being made with Miranda Richardson in the role of the poet's charming wife. But it could be a race to the silver screen.

Both concentrate on the charismatic and wayward personality of Caitlin: the first, simply called Caitlin, will star Miranda Richardson and former Bond girl Rosamund Pike as her younger self.
The second, with the working title The Best Time of Our Lives, is to star Lindsay Lohan, the 20-year-old Hollywood star, as Caitlin and British actress Keira Knightley, 21, as Vera Phillips, the poet's childhood sweetheart and the woman who went on to develop an intimate relationship with his wife.
Timing will be crucial for the success of either film. The box office is usually much kinder to the first film out on a real-life subject. The triumph of last year's Oscar-winning film Capote, about the life of the American writer Truman Capote, came at a great cost to the second film to be released about the writer's life. Infamous, starring British actor Toby Jones as Capote, yet to come out in Britain, has fared poorly despite good reviews in the United States. (from The Guardian)

The film Caitlin will star the excellent Michael Sheen as Dylan Thomas. A good cast is a good start. I hope the filmmakers will do the story justice.

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