Note: Many of these links lead to earlier versions of poems. For the definitive versions, please consult the finished books. 

Poems from Self-Defence for the Brave and Happy 

Poems from Don't Let It End Like This Tell Them I Said Something



Poems from The Reinvention of the Human Hand

Poems from Between the Walls

Poems from The Fat Kid




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 Misc. poems

  • And here are two poems of mine translated into Polish years ago by the Polish poet Bartosz Muszyński (from the magazine Megalopolis). The second one is a translation of the "The Cook Comes Home for Love" from Burn. The first poem however, a translation of a poem called "Tongue", appeared in English only in a now defunct East coast literary journal (I can't remember which one... Pottersfield Portfolio maybe, or The Gaspereau Review?), but never in one of my collections. I don't even have a draft of the original poem in English, so, for the time being, this Polish translation is the only extant version I know about.


Olivia Browne said...

Love your poetry, especially from the Modernist Canon.
Would you consider sending some of your poems (either digitally or on a 6x8 inch postcard) to the UK for a mail art project POSTKARTE ?
There will be art and poetry for sale, all on 6x8" postcards, unframed, hosted by Wivenhoe Bookshop.

Keep well,
Olivia Browne

Paul Vermeersch said...

Requests for poems/permissions should be sent by email. See the contact page.