Note: Many of these links lead to earlier versions of poems. For the definitive versions, please consult the finished books. Some links may be dead. Sorry. Even the internet is mortal. 

New Poems

 Poems from Self-Defence for the Brave and Happy

Three poems in Periódico de Poesía (English and Spanish)

Poems from Don't Let It End Like This Tell Them I Said Something

What the Prophecy Could Not Foretell

Poems from The Reinvention of the Human Hand

Twenty Days with a Baboon Heart (with audio)

Poems from Between the Walls

The Mission House (with audio)

Poems from The Fat Kid

The Purple Nurple

Poems from Burn

The Days Dogs Die

Misc. poems

"Well Well Well" from Project Rebuild.

"Wilderness" from Forget Magazine.

And here are two poems of mine translated into Polish years ago by the Polish poet Bartosz Muszyński (from the magazine Megalopolis). The second one is a translation of the "The Cook Comes Home for Love" from Burn. The first poem however, a translation of a poem called "Tongue", appeared in English only in a now defunct East coast literary journal (I can't remember which one... Pottersfield Portfolio maybe, or The Gaspereau Review?), but never in one of my collections. I don't even have a draft of the original poem in English, so, for the time being, this Polish translation is the only extant version I know about.


Unknown said...

Love your poetry, especially from the Modernist Canon.
Would you consider sending some of your poems (either digitally or on a 6x8 inch postcard) to the UK for a mail art project POSTKARTE ?
There will be art and poetry for sale, all on 6x8" postcards, unframed, hosted by Wivenhoe Bookshop.

Keep well,
Olivia Browne

Paul Vermeersch said...

Requests for poems/permissions should be sent by email. See the contact page.