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Permissions for poems from Burn, The Fat Kid, Don't Let It End Like This Tell Them I Said Something, or Self-Defence for the Brave and Happy

Permissions, ECW Press
665 Gerrard Street 
Toronto, ON 
M4M 1Y2

Permissions for poems from Between the Walls or The Reinvention of the Human Hand

Permissions, McClelland & Stewart Ltd.,
c/o Penguin Random House Canada
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Toronto, ON
M5V 3B6

Questions about Buckrider Books?

BUCKRIDER BOOKS is a poetry and fiction imprint that I edit for Wolsak & Wynn Publishers Ltd. For more information about BUCKRIDER BOOKS and its authors, please contact Wolsak & Wynn.

Questions about 4 A.M. Books?

4 A.M. BOOKS was the poetry imprint of Insomniac Press from Spring 2002 to Spring 2012. Edited by Paul Vermeersch, 4 A.M. BOOKS published poetry titles by established and emerging poets from across Canada. For more information about 4 A.M. BOOKS and its authors, please contact Insomniac Press.