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Permissions for poems from Burn, The Fat Kid, or Don't Let It End Like This Tell Them I Said Something

Permissions, ECW Press
665 Gerrard Street 
Toronto, ON 
M4M 1Y2


Permissions for poems from Between the Walls or The Reinvention of the Human Hand

Permissions, McClelland & Stewart Ltd.,
c/o Penguin Random House Canada
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Toronto, ON
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Questions about Buckrider Books?

BUCKRIDER BOOKS is a poetry and fiction imprint that I edit for Wolsak & Wynn Publishers Ltd. For more information about BUCKRIDER BOOKS and its authors, please contact Wolsak & Wynn.

Questions about 4 A.M. Books?

4 A.M. BOOKS was the poetry imprint of Insomniac Press from Spring 2002 to Spring 2012. Edited by Paul Vermeersch, 4 A.M. BOOKS published poetry titles by established and emerging poets from across Canada. For more information about 4 A.M. BOOKS and its authors, please contact Insomniac Press.