Monday 27 November 2006

Kunitz's awesome Manhattan apartment for sale

Got an extra two and quarter mil? You could live in a nice little corner of American Literary history.
The family of Stanley Kunitz, who received every possible prize and praise before his death in May at 100, is selling his co-op for $2.25 million. It’s located in Butterfield House, a graceful 1962 building by architects William Conklin and James Rossant. (Paul Goldberger has called it one of the best postwar buildings in the city.) Kunitz shared the four-bedroom with his wife, the painter Elise Asher, until her death in 2004 and spent many years shuttling back and forth between the apartment—which has a private solarium and central air—and a house on Cape Cod. Corcoran brokers Sharon Held and Maria Manuche have the listing. (from New York Magazine)
Nice. I'd sell my place for much less than that, if I owned it.

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