wererabbit iv

November 17, 2023: In the tradition of fourth albums like...

Led Zeppelin IV
Foreigner 4
Toto IV
Beyoncé 4, etc. 

comes an all new album called...

wererabbit iv

The fourth album by wererabbit. Available now. Only on Bandcamp!

Sounds Emanating from a Glowing Cube

March 7, 2023: More sounds from an alternate timeline: this album is the story of three unexplained objects — a glowing cube; a cold, dark sphere; and a floating pyramid — my homage to the monolith in Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey. 

I hope you enjoy! 


January 14, 2023: I was feeling under the weather, so I stayed home sick from work and finished this album. More than ever, I have tried to adhere to Eno's statement (from the liner notes to Ambient 1: Music for Airports) that "Ambient Music... must be as ignorable as it is interesting." I'm not sure that's always possible, but it's useful to have something to aspire to. 

So here it is: VIR. I think this is a good album to listen to while you are doing other things. You can listen to this album while you're reading, or cooking, or doing laundry. You can also listen to this album when you're not doing anything, or when you're taking a nap, or even when you're staying home sick from work (though I certainly don't make any claims that there are any specific health benefits associated with listening to this album). 

And remember: don't go to work when you're sick.

November 8, 2022: In this debut album from wererabbit, Lamb 5-2-3 escapes from The Facility, a strange outpost where he was the subject of unknown experiments. While making his escape, he almost drowns, and when he washes ashore inside a cave, he discovers that he glows in the dark. Gradually, Lamb 5-2-3 recovers memories of his mysterious past. He meets interesting new friends, and after escaping a meteor shower, he observes the event horizon of black hole. In a lot of ways, he's just like us. 





April 5, 2022: LASERGNU's second pandemic release comes out nearly two years since our last E.P. Six tracks of oddball electronica, from adventure pop to metaoccult ambient, this album is guaranteed not to summon demons, poltergeists, elder gods, disgruntled extra-dimensional beings, or any other supernatural or metaphysical adversaries.


April 17, 2020: Today LASERGNU releases The Isolation E.P. Because of COVID-19, we haven't been able to finish the album we've been working on, so we're releasing a few songs as an E.P. to keep us going. We hope you enjoy it! Here are some samples:


June 24, 2019: I've been collaborating with Toronto-based novelist A. G. Pasquella for the last few years on a music project. We call our band LASERGNU, and we've just released our debut single "Mission Theme."

Our mission is to make the most interesting music we can using platforms, software, and techniques available to pretty much everyone.

Here are some tracks from our debut album.

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