Friday 11 March 2011


ybay Ercypay Ysshebay Elleyshay 
ranslatedtay ybay Aulpay Ermeerschvay

Ihay etmay ahay ravellertay romfay anhay antiquehay andlay
Owhay aidsay: Otway astvay andhay runklesstay egslay ofhay onestay
Andstay inhay ethay esertday. Earnay emthay, onhay ethay andsay,
Alfhay unksay, ahay atteredshay isagevay ieslay, osewhay rownfay
Andhay inkledwray iplay, andhay neersay ofhay oldcay ommandcay
Elltay atthay itshay culptorsay ellway osethay assionspay eadray
Ichwhay etyay urvivesay, tampedsay onhay esethay ifelesslay ingsthay,
Ethay andhay atthay ockedmay emthay andhay ethay earthay atthay edfay.
Andhay onhay ethay edestalpay esethay ordsway appearhay:
"Ymay amenay ishay Ozymandiashay, ingkay ofhay ingskay:
Ooklay onhay ymay orksway, eyay Ightymay, andhay espairday!"
Othingnay esidebay emainsray. Oundray ethay ecayday
Ofhay atthay olossalcay eckwray, oundlessbay andhay arebay
Ethay onelay andhay evellay andssay tretchsay arfay awayhay.

Wednesday 2 March 2011

Jeff Latosik on Open Book Toronto for March

I know I haven't been posting much here lately, but as some of you know, I'm busy completing the thesis for my MFA, and that is taking up a lot of my mental energy. I hope to be a more active blogger when it's completed.

In the meantime, fellow poet and good friend Jeff Latosik will be the Writer-in-Residence at Open Book Toronto for the entire month of March. Check what he's doing here.