Sunday 3 December 2006

Dylan Thomas's daughter weighs in on the films being made about her parents

Dylan's daughter Aeronwy says the menage trois tale is "pure speculation" but will do little to dim the reputation of her father who died in 1953 when she was 10.
"I've actually seen the script already and I managed to erase some errors in it but with a film you are always going to have a bit of titillation," said Aeronwy, who is president of the Dylan Thomas Society.
"Over the years I've learned quite a lot about my parents and, though certain liberties have been taken with the script, like the three-in-a-bed scene, I'd still be happy to watch it.
"It really doesn't bother me. It's only speculation and supposedly happened when my father was abroad."
But she said she had no idea what to expect from the other film, called Caitlin.(from
And the BBC has asked her to reminisce a little about the father she remembers:
"I don't find the image of him as a drunken genius upsetting, because it's a long time ago. The only time I felt indignant about the way my father's been depicted was when the major institutions here in Wales didn't take my father seriously because he was a drunk. I thought that has nothing to do with his literary output and he didn't write in Welsh." (from

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