Friday 4 May 2007

German Poetry

Twentieth-Century German Poetry, An Anthology: Edited by Michael Hofmann

I should probably read this book before heading to Germany for the Berlin Poetry Festival next month. I have no doubt some of the locals will ask me if I like German poetry, and I will say yes, and they will ask me who I like best, and I will say Rilke... oh, and some Hölderlin, and maybe some Goethe, and they will roll their eyes, because that's what everyone says if they don't know much about German poetry, which I don't.

But I would like to. Good thing I have Michael Hofmann to give me a head start.

Faber and Faber (UK) offer the same book in paperback.


Zachariah Wells said...

Don't forget Heine, Pauly. But don't do what I did and call him Heinie. Major faux-pas (that's fox-pass, to you, buddy).

Brenda Schmidt said...

Does the festival have a website?

Paul Vermeersch said...