I offered hand-drawn postcards from 2015 to 2020. This project is now closed. Here is an archive of many of the postcards that were sent. 

Glitch Jackalope

A Brilliant Light Appeared Above the City

Hello, Dum Dum; or Cubist Gazoo (study)

The Golden Age of Toy Safety

Disembodied Robot Head

Man with the Wrong Hands

Ronald McThulu

Sloth Phrenology

One Sloth Dollar

The Ascension of Sloth Fratelli over the Goondocks

KFM: Kentucky Flying Monkey

Saint Bigfoot Consecrates the Cerebral Lobes

Bunny Go Boom

"Everything was beautiful, and nothing hurt."

The Sheep Child

Don't Shoot

Red Nose

Tattooed and Televised

Passenger Pigeon

Robot Goat Head, or Broken Thorn Sweet Blackberry

Gathering Space Doughnuts

Look Again

Space Kong

Supermanneken Pis

Jackrabbit Has a M.A.D. Dream

How's that X-ray Vision Working for Ya? 

Zombie Phrenology

Complete Diagram

Dystopia / Utopia

Plague Doctor Plaid

Saint Bigfoot Replaces Atlas Temporarily...

Kermit Serpent

Eye Test
The Physician in his Protective Gear
FSM in Pink and Blue

Sasquatch at the Moment of Interdimensional Travel

Homage to Figures with Long Necks and Large Eyes

Moonlight Macrame

The Jackrabbit Speaks

Magical Thinking 

Speech! Speech! 

The Smoker

Birdhouse in Your Soul 

Two Against One

Little Man

Berilium Disruptor Pistol -- IN COLOR!

Future Hominid
Blast Off!
Hydroelectric Towers with Sasquatch 

The Guardian

See Food?

Conservative Phrenology
Four Giant Robots

Hyrdo-electric Towers with Plastic Flamingos

Mr. A-Bomb -- IN COLOR

The Plague Flamingo 

Is Morgellons an Alien Disease?

First Contact

Triple Protection

Diagram of Plastic Flamingo with Talk Balloon


Plastic Flamingos with Chalice

Boy's Wallpaper 1952

Study for the Holy Icon of Saint Bigfoot the Three-Dimsensional

Rocketship 1956

Careful Whispers

Who Is the Real One?

Saint Bigfoot

Moreau's Taxidermy

America's Next Top Sasquatch

An Open Mind

Plague Doctor with Talk Balloon

Friendly Yeti

The Pink Defender
Smellin' Good!

Kevin, King of Beers





Wallpaper Pattern #1

Robot New Years 

Guardian of the Castle

Trepanning Diagram

Spud Boy


Are You Seeing Spots? 

See Food?

Angry Tri-face Invader 

Waking up from Surgery

Voyager 2

King Jeremy the Wicked 


Actual Size

Retail Baphomet

Where is your mouth? 

Les Voiles

Galaxy Blaster 3000

After a While, Crocodile 

The Campaign

Election Promises

The Deep

Young Nimoy, Dreaming

A Simple Mistake

A Visit to the Dentist

Breathing Under Water

Get Well Soon

The Island of Dr. Monsanto

The Magic Outbreak

Cold Dead Hands

Bird and Cassette


Night-time of the Bees

Giza Plateau with Mummy

Status Update

Once and Future



Plague Terrier

What Plague?

Be More Useful Today

The Leader of the Band
Pick One

Medical Science #1

Medical Science #2

Amaz-o Super Spy!

Lactating Attack Chopper

Rainy the Clown

Plastic Surgeons Hate Him!

Test Pattern for a New World Order

Plague Bird Sings the Blues

Double Trouble

Looking Down on Us from Above

Do Not Eat if Seal Is Broken

State of the Art

Room at Night

The Brony

Inner Conflict

We Need Bones

Good Reception

New Clear Energy


Atomic Birdsnake

The Pacifier

5-Point Schwinn

Cell Phone

New 100% Robot Pants

A Special One-Time Offer

Bird Maze

Invasion Force

Planetary Defence

Rabbit Flower

The Ultimate Weapon

Future Cat

Protector of Worlds

Glub Glub

Dinner Conversation

Miracle Tonic

Building Block of Life

I Was a Star, Dammit!

Flight of the Sausages

100 Watt Smile

All images © Paul Vermeersch 2014 - 2015.

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