Sunday 4 September 2011

Sachiko Murakami's Project Rebuild

In conjunction with the launch of her new book Rebuild, Sachiko Murakami gives us Project Rebuild. According to the site, "Project Rebuild is an experiment in collaboration. You are invited to move into any of the poems on the site, and renovate them as you will. Your new poem will then join the front page neighbourhood." Once you poke around the site for a minute or two, the game becomes apparent. It's fascinating project. I have just "renovated" my first poem on the site. I invite you to read my poem, and then, if you wish, you may "move in" to my poem and "renovate" it however you wish! To see my poem, called "Well Well Well", click here.

If you're in Toronto this week, come to Sachiko's launch on Wednesday night at The Press Club. The details are here.

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