Saturday 13 August 2011

Peter Redgrove: an internet round-up

Peter Redgrove, the late British poet, is one of my very favourite poets, but he isn't read much on this side of the Atlantic, and he isn't as well known as some of his British contemporaries, unlike his famous friend Ted Hughes. But his ease with startling metaphor, arresting imagery, and beguiling language makes him an equally entertaining and challenging poet, and one who I think more people would enjoy if they only stumbled on more of his work.

I've gathered here a handful of resources from internet to get you started. Here are some poems, articles, and interviews.

If you are looking for a good book of poems to start with, I have to recommend the selected volume The Moon Disposes from 1987, which was also published as Peter Redgrove: Poems 1954 - 1987 in the Penguin International Poets Series. It's one of a handful of books I often carry with me, and that I rarely, if ever, put back on the shelf. If you've never read Peter Redgrove before, I hope this round-up serves to ignite your interest in reading more of his work. 


"The Count of Some Account"

"Dead Bird"

"Eden's Medicine" 

from "Feeding Pieces"

"More Than Meets The Eye" 

"Old House"

"One-Eyed Monster"

"The Patient Successor"

"Sleeper's Beach"

"Small Dirge" 

"The Visible Baby" (with commentary by Ruth Padel) 

"Water-Witch, Wood-Witch, Wine-Witch" 

"Woman in a Flowered Dress" 


Scientist into Poet: The Emergence of Peter Redgrove
an article by Neil Roberts from The Wolf magazine.

Peter Redgrove's "Tapestry Moths" 
an analysis by Jo Furber from The Argotist

The Peter Redgrove Library
an article by Michael Peverett from "Intercapillary Space"

The Mystical Barber: A Review of The Harper
a review of Redgrove's posthumous miscellany by Anthony Thwaite


The Science of The Subjective: An Interview with Peter Redgrove
by Neil Roberts

An Interview with Redgrove 
by Lidia Vianu


An Obituary for Peter Redgrove
from The Telegraph

A Remembrance of Peter Redgrove
from the University of Leeds

Peter Redgrove's Papers
Redgrove's papers are housed in the University of Sheffield.

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Paul Vermeersch said...

My pleasure. Jonathan Cape has recently published The Collected Poems of Peter Redgrove. It's a must-have.