Monday 18 May 2009

New on my bookshelf

Word Comix by Charlie Smith.

Charlie Smith's poetry kicks ass. The author of Heroin and Other Poems and Women in America has a new book, and that's reason to celebrate in ways that might make your neighbours call the cops.

Late Nights with Wild Cowboys by Johanna Skibsrud.

An extraordinary debut by a someone who very probably has the skill and talent to become one of this country's major poets. I'm eager for more of her work, especially after seeing her read at Harbourfront not too long ago.

Verses and Versions: Three Hundred Years of Russian Poetry Selected and Translated by Vladimir Nabokov.

This book's a feast of genius. Russian originals with Nabokov's translations on facing pages. A must.


Kate S. said...

I'm coveting the book of Russian poems.

Alessandro Porco said...

I agree about Johanna!