Tuesday 10 February 2009

Harbourfront to hold open stage night for published poets

According to the wesbite for the reading series at Harbourfront, there is going to be an open stage competition for young (35 and under), published Canadian poets during National Poetry Month this year. The winner will get to appear in this fall's International Festival of Authors.

The Globe and Mail is saying this is like Canadian Idol, but for poets. Peter Darbyshire at CanCult.ca says, yes, "but it actually looks like fun." We all know the real difference between this and Canadian Idol, though. It's that Harbourfront's Open Stage Night is actually happening this year.

There are a few catches to the competition, for example, poets cannot sign up themselves. Their publishers have to do it for them. This should help cut down on the unbearable, excruciating dreck that so often pollutes most open stages at smaller reading series like the one at Toronto's weekly Art Bar Poetry Series. Only 20 poets will be chosen at random from among the qualified applicants.

The deadline is Wednesday, February 25, at noon. So if you are a young, published poet who would like to take part, contact your publishers, so they can apply to the contest on your behalf.

All the details are here.

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Zachariah Wells said...

Damn. They had me right up until "we won't pay for you to come to Toronto."