Tuesday 11 November 2008

I recommend Sarah Lindsay's Twigs & Knucklebones

I devoured every word of this book, and went back for seconds. Everything about it appealed to me. Lindsay shares many of my own thematic preoccupations -- particularly the natural sciences -- but she approaches them differently enough that these poems kept me fascinated. Aesthetically, she is marvel, an ace of the discursive style, particularly the free verse narrative poem, which in my opinion is experiencing an incredibly dynamic renaissance in American poetry today, thanks largely to poets like Lucia Perillo, Rodney Jones, Tony Hoagland, Charlie Smith, and, clearly, Sarah Lindsay herself.

Poetry Magazine
has eight poems Twigs & Knucklebones on their website.

Poetry Daily has three poems from Twigs and Knucklebones on their website.

Order this book from your local independent bookseller. I've already ordered her two previous books, Mount Clutter and Primate Behaviour. I have a feeling she will be a poet who I will be reading for a very long time.

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