Monday 9 April 2007

No money in poetry? Become a "kept" man! reports that :

A male poet from Hunan Povince, Huang Hui, declared to media last October that because it was too difficult to live by writing poetry he was willing to be "kept" by a rich woman.

She would support him, allowing him to pursue fine literature and, as the word "to keep" connotes, would have an intimate relationship with him in return.

Two months later, a Chongqing woman, Hong Yan, said to have a large fortune, offered to "keep" him for one year. If he produced a master work or two, the relationship could continue, she said.

Recently, they have signed a contract of "keeping," according to the Wuhan Evening News on March 25.
Apparently, this caused quite an uproar within Shanghai's more delicate circles, but the author of the article thinks it's all just a crass publicity stunt. Frankly, I don't see what the big deal is either way. If a male poet or writer can find a rich lover or wife who will allow him to stay at home and write full time, and that makes him happy, I say good for him.

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