Monday 1 January 2007

F#@&ing Humungous Statue of Poet Shevchenko just F#@&ing STOLEN!

This is unbelievable. This statue of Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko, unveiled in Oakville, Ontario, in 1951, stands about 10 feet and weighs about two tons, and someone just waltzed in and took the thing, cutting it off at the ankles and leaving its feet on the pedestal.

For over half a century this monument has been a visible symbol of pride for millions of Ukrainian Canadians. Shevchenko is often considered to hold a place in the literature of the Ukraine equal to Shakespeare's place in the English canon. I hope they catch the thieves and restore the monument for they melt it down for its valuable bronze. It could be worth over $300,000.

There can't be too many places to smelt something like this, so hopefully, it will be found in time.

For more to the story, check out the Globe and Mail or the Toronto Star.

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